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Charles Watson of Saughton

Portrait of Charles Watson of Saughton painted by Scottish portrait artist Sir Henry Raeburn

Birth: 10 Nov 1740, at King's Cramond 1)
Baptism: 17 Nov 1740 2)
(Note: Birth and Bapt. dates appear to be reversed on the OPR entry)
Death: 2 Jun 1804, Saughton Hall

Spouse: Margaret Carnegie (Married: 15 Oct 1780)
Father: James Watson of Saughton
Mother: Lady Helen Hope

James Watson Esq. of Saughton (1781-1823)
Anne Watson (1782-1800)
George Watson (1784-)
Helen Watson (1785-)
Charles Hope Watson (1786-1836)

James Watson (1737-)
Henrietta Watson (1739-1803)
Bethia Watson (1742-)
Anne Watson (1743-)
Sophia Watson (1746-)
David Watson (1748-)


Charles Watson Esq. of Saughton was the father of the last known chief of Clan Watson, James Watson Esq. of Saughton and possibly chief himself although never recognised by the Court of Lord Lyon.

In the contemporary publication “Antient and Modern State of the Parish of Cramond” published in 1794 (10 years before the death of Charles Watson of Saughton), author John Philip Wood states “Charles Watson of Saughton in the parish of Corstophine, chief of the name in Scotland.” 3)

Son of James Watson of Saughton, direct male descendant of Richard Watson of Saughton, and spouse Lady Helen Hope, daughter of Charles Hope 1st Earl of Hopetoun.

At the time of the birth of his daughter Helen Watson in 1785, Charles Watson Esq. of Saughton named servants Robert Jackson and Peter Redburn as witnesses on Helen's birth register entry.

Military Service

Captain of the Grenadier company of the 25th regiment of foot. Left the army at the close of the American War (Abt. 1783). 4)

Newspapers and Publications

Charles is mentioned several times in “View of the political state of Scotland in the last century: a confidential report on the political opinions, family connections, or personal circumstances of the 2662 county voters in 1788” published in 1887. 5) He is described as “a near relation of the Earl Hopetoun, married a sister of Lady Hopetoun's. Is very independant, and can make votes”. Also as having a “good estate on which votes can be made” and an “Independent estate”.

Charles Watson of Saughton appears in an article within the Caledonian Mercury newspaper dated Monday 12th August 1799 as a member of the “Association for the Preservation of the Game, and Prosecution of Poachers within this County” listed alongside a large number of Noblemen and Gentlemen of the County of Edinburgh with regards to the prosecution of poachers hunting and killing game without permission and using forged documentation.

Images and Artworks

Charles and his family feature in a painting by artist David Allan within the landscape with what is believed to be the Firth of Forth in the background. The work is currently part of the Dundee Art Galleries and Museums Collection.

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