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James Watson of Saughton

Birth: 30 Aug 1781, Cramond 1)
Death: 30 Sep 1823, Corstorphine 2)

Spouse: Janet Ramsay (Married: January 1811) 3)
Father: Charles Watson of Saughton
Mother: Margaret Carnegie

Jean Watson (1811-1828)
George Watson (1812-1823)
Charles Watson (1813-1836)
Margaret Watson (1814-1832)
Janet Watson (1816-1830)
John Hope Watson (1817-1823)
William Ramsay Watson (1819-1841)
James Watson (1820-1823)
Helen Watson (1822-1850)

Anne Watson (1782-1800)
George Watson (1784-)
Helen Watson (1785-)
Charles Hope Watson (1786-1836)


James Watson Esq. of Saughton was the last, and at this time only, Watson to be recognised as by the Court of Lord Lyon as “Chief of the name in Scotland” and therefore Chief of Clan Watson.

Son of Charles Watson of Saughton, direct male descendent of Richard Watson of Saughton, and his spouse, Margaret Carnegie, daughter of Admiral George Carnegie (6th Earl of Northesk).

James is included as an infant in a painting by artist David Allan along with his mother, father and sister Anne Watson as a baby. James is shown at the front of the group interacting with the dog. The work is currently part of the Dundee Art Galleries and Museums Collection4).

Coat of Arms

Armes of James Watson of Saughton matriculated in 1818

James Watson of Saughton matriculated arms with the Court of the Lord Lyon on 3 June 1818.5)

Transcript from the entry in the “Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland”:-

James Watson of Saughton in the County of Edinburgh Esquire, Chief of the Name in Scotland, Eldest Son and Heir of Charles Watson of Saughton deceased, of Lady Margaret Carnegie daughter of George Earl of Northesk which Charles Watson was only surviving son and Heir of James Watson of Saughton deceased by Lady Helen Hope daughter of Charles Earl of Hopetown, which James Watson was descended in the direct male line from Richard Watson of Saughton Proprietor of those Lands A.D. 1537 – Bears Argent an Oak tree proper surmounted of a Fess azure; Crest Two hands holding the trunk of one Oak Tree sprouting out fresh branches the hands issuing out of Clouds all proper, Motto Insperata Floruit Supporters, Two Griffins proper, each Gorged with a Ducal Coronet Or. Matriculated 3 June 1818

According to A.S. Cowper in the paper “Watsons of Saughton Tombstone - South Aisle” from 1984, “when James applied for supporters to his arms he drew his descent not only from the Cranstoun line but also from the Royal House of Stewart as his Grandmother, Lady Helen Hope, and his mother, Lady Margaret Carnegie, had lines of ancestry from James II, King of Scotland.” 6)

5) Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland (Vol. 2, Folio 178, 1818)
6) “Watsons of Saughton Tombstone - South Aisle” by A.S. Cowper 1984
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